Terms of use

1 - Accommodations: 
For rooms (according to the room type selection), in named hotels or of similar category and price. All programs offer certain availability for each outing. If the number is exceeded and the reserved hotel cannot accept the total amount of guests, the passengers will be offered a hotel of similar characteristics.


2 - Hotel arrival and departure times: 

Please consult www.wand3r.travel for information on each hotel check-in and checkout times, because they vary according to different hotels.

3 - Transfers: 

For arriving and departing each city, according to what is indicated for each reservation, by autocar, van or a private car, taxi or shuttle. The transfers in which the price is not indicated for one person are based on a minimum participation of two passengers, arriving and departing together, on the same flight or from the same hotel or site. Guided visits and tours are multilingual. The services that include land transportation will be by autocar, van or private car, taxi or shuttle. For arrival and departure transfers there is a reasonable waiting time for the guides, for arrivals the maximum waiting time is 1 hour and for departures, 30 minutes, after this time, the guide leaves, the service is given as a no show and is charged, after this time if the passenger calls  Wand3r Travel ® to pick him or her up, the person must pay the service or charge it to the Operators account, with his previous authorization.

4 - Luggage:
luggage management includes a medium size bag or suitcase per person in hotels, airports, train stations, ports and other places, of weight and dimensions within the limits established by the airlines. Extra luggage and excess weight or size must be directly paid for directly by each passenger to our guide, airline or local service provider office, according to the current fees for each case. If, for any reason, there is not enough room in our vehicles for excess baggage, the owner is the only person responsible for the transportation and costs.

5 - All Arius Travel ® programs do not include:
Airport tax fees, Passport and visa fees, excess baggage fees, hotel extras such as beverages, food, cables, telephone calls, dry cleaning, etc… In general, any other concept that is not specified at

6 – Miami & Orlando Tours:
The fees for these tours are per person, tax included, commissionable, subject to change without notice. No unused portion of these tours is refundable; the tours must be taken as stipulated; only being able to add services. Tour cancellations must be received at least 7 work days before the guests arrive, otherwise, first night policy will be charged plus the administrative fees of our company and the in advance expenses for admissions. For programs that include Admissions combined with a Walt Disney World Resort, if the cancellation is made within 7 work days, there is no refund. The Airport/Hotel/Airport transfers in Orlando are unique services that can be changed for Bus Terminal/Hotel/ Bus Terminal transfers for the same values. All programs are regular services, so Wand3r Travel ® organizes the daily times and visits Schedule and this is carried out 48 hs before each service. For the hotel/attraction/hotel transfer services, the waiting tolerance for guests is 10 minutes maximum, after this time the guide leaves and cannot come back to pick you up, due to the regular services and that this is shared with other guests.

7 - Tours and Mini-Tours:
The tours and mini-tours reservations must be made through our reservation system. For a better and faster response, please provide the names of all passengers, their ages and a complete detail of their flights during the initial reservation petition time. Prices are per person for the indicated room type. Children share the room with at least 2 adults and apply the CHD fee. Children’s ages must be clearly specified at the moment of making the reservation. Since there is no minimum age requirement, we recommend children should not be under 6 years old to participate in any of our tours. The prices include one bag per person. The tips for guides are not included, leaving that to the total discretion of the passenger. It is possible to reserve additional nights before and/or after the tour at the hotel where the chosen tour starts or ends. At the beginning of the tour, all passengers receive their respective documentation. Meals are not included for any of our itineraries unless detailed expressly on the trip description and if on the list of included services. Additional tours are offered for improving the trip route. There is also a list of optional authorized tours the passenger can choose from; only said tours are guaranteed by Wand3r Travel ® our tours are presented in the English language. It is possible to take one of our tours in French, German, Italian and Spanish. If the departure dates offered in your language are not specified on the tour, please contact us.

Cancellations are subject to extra charge, specified on each TOUR, per person, plus any other expense that cannot be replaced by the providers. Reimbursements will not be given for any part of the tour that was not taken or used. The Tours that include airline tickets must be cancelled at least 60 days before the departure date, if not, the total amount of the ticket will be charged. Wand3rTravel ® reserves the right to substitute the hotels described on the itineraries for other hotels of similar or superior category. Our transportation providers, chauffeurs and tour guides, also the hotel staff from our programs do not belong to the Wand3r Travel ® staff and is not responsible for any inconvenience caused by providers; these companies are responsible for any accident, loss or damage caused at the time of the service provision. Luggage is the absolute responsibility of the passenger at all times of the trip. We recommend that passengers acquire travel insurance before taking the trip. Travel documentation, including visas, also the fulfillment of the regulations for each country, is responsibility of the passengers. Arius Travel ® will not take responsibility over the expenses incurred by passengers who do not own appropriate passports or visas.


8 - Cancellation policies for individual services and hotels: 
We will not accept, for any reason, cancellations effected directly to hotels or service providers, Wand3r Travel ® will not accept complaints and will not offer reimbursements. Cancellations must be made through each client’s sales agent through our system (View cancellation policy for each hotel at 
www.wand3r.travel ). If it is a weekend or a holiday, you can call the following telephone number: 1 877 396 8057 and Wand3r Travel ® will take note of the cancellation and will inform if there is any charge. We will not contemplate direct cancellation with hotels or service providers under any reason or motive. Doing this implies accepting the responsibility of the expenses that may occur, according to what Wand3r Travel ® stipulates.


9 - Special prices for minors: 
No charges will be added for children under 3 who travel accompanied by an adult (with a maximum of (1) minor per (1) adult), always in the case the child does not occupy a seat in the autocar, van or private car, taxi or shuttle and if they are lodged in the same room as the adult. Any expenses the minor originates at hotels, restaurants, etc must be covered by the adults directly to the hotel or service provider. For children over 3, under 9 or 12 years of age, according to what 
www.wand3r.travel  indicates and if in company of adults, sharing the same hotel room, prices are specified at www.wand3r.travel  and will be charged at the moment of reservation. The age and name of the minor must be indicated, this information must be accredited by documentation when required by guides, hotel, park or attraction entrances and transportation providers. If this data does not coincide, the accompanying adult or adults will be made responsible of paying the difference to the service providers, hotels or attractions.

10 - Payment methods and conditions: 
All payments for invoiced services shall be received by Wand3r Travel NET and free form any taxes, charges, withholdings, banking fees and commissions, debits for foreign exchange and/or any other lien that are mandatory or optional in the sender’s or beneficiary’s country; all which shall be borne and payable in all cases by the customer issuing the payment. Likewise, deductions and/or discounts that have not been previously agreed upon will not be accepted. Any difference between the amount received and the amount invoiced shall be reflected as a due payment in the customer's account and may be included in the following invoice.

11 - Credit Card Payments: 

We accept American Express, Master Card and Visa for payments. Arius Travel ® informs that for the use of American Express you must add 4.5% and for Visa & Master Card you must add 4% to the total cost, this amount will be charged automatically by the system.

12 - Terms and Conditions for Credit Cards: 

A. In the case the passenger does not recognize the payment once the card statement is received, the Wholesale Operator that makes the reservation through Wand3r Travel ® will be responsible for paying the service in 100%. This amount will be automatically charged to the Wholesale Operator’s account statement. 

B. A 10% will be added as administrative expenses in case of rejecting the charge, an amount that will be charged by Wand3r Travel ® to the Wholesale Operator.

13 - Reservation Payments: 

Once the reservation is received and confirmed the expiration date begins, usually an average of 7 days before the passenger arrives. There may be reservations that require a pre-paid authorization, in writing, for some hotel services or transportation services. If a copy is not received, according to the requested payment date, then the reservation will automatically be cancelled on the expiration date with the respective costs.

14 - Vouchers: 

The only vouchers Wand3r Travel ® acknowledges are the ones emitted by our system that contemplates all details and explanations. Regarding other vouchers emitted by the Wholesale Operator, we do not take responsibility if the service is not provided because the voucher, where the hired service and payment method is detailed, is not presented. Wand3r Travel ® reserves the right to refuse vouchers emitted by services non-confirmed by Wand3r Travel ® or reservations cancelled due to lack of payment.

15 - Reservation Modifications: 

If any modifications are made on a confirmed reservation, there will be a $10.00 charge for the first modification and a $5.00 charge for any consecutive modification, with a maximum of modifications. Once the passenger arrives to destination, for any modification, the passenger will be charged $50.00. If the passenger does not make use of any of the services or if the passenger departs the hotel before the reservation time, $50.00 will be deducted for administrative expenses.

16 - USA, Canada & Mexico Tours: 

Policies for Modifications and Cancellations: Modifications and Cancellations: A $50.00 fee will be charged per person for any modification or cancellation made within 5 to 21 days before the departure. The modifications will be accepted for, including but not limited to, changing dates, room types, on pre or post or different services. Changes made with less than 5 days before departure will have to be paid for 100%, same as no shows, in either case reimbursements are not viable. Any tour, in which Arius Travel ® emits airline tickets, must be cancelled at least 60 days before departure to avoid fines. Policy for minors: Children that share rooms with at least 2 adults will be charged a fee indicated for the tour. The minors’ age must be indicated at the moment of confirming the reservation. All tour hotels provide separate beds for children sharing rooms with adults.

Groups: GENERAL CONDITIONS FOR GROUPS (Subject to changes) Groups will NOT be quoted based on the contract fees for individuals (F.I.T.): 
Hotels do NOT allow the application/use of the FIT rate or the rate published at
www.wand3r.travel  for groups.

17 - Group reservations (Deposits and pre-payments): 
We require a Bona Fide deposit for 10% of the total amount of the group within 24 hs after presenting the quote in order to reserve places and/or maintain fees; this applies to groups of more than 5 or 10 rooms depending the destination. This deposit is not refundable and will apply as part payment for confirmed groups. The expirations for payments depend on the negotiation with hotels and will be sent together with the liquidation. These expiration dates must be respected and in the case the corresponding payment is not received on the stipulated date. All group reservations must be 100% pre-paid at the moment the group arrives.

18 - Complaints: 

The acknowledgement of any complaint that can be made on any cause, from both the passenger or the organizer and the local Wholesale Operator, will comply to the jurisdiction of the Florida State courts (USA), expressly resigning to any other privilege. Complaints received 30 days after the completion of the service provision will not be admitted as such. At the moment of presenting a complaint, the client must provide the highest amount of information possible, also the respective proof on which the case will be based; otherwise it will not be possible to process. The Department of Customer Service will respond complaints within 30 days starting once the complete documentation is in our hands. Arius Travel ® reserves, under contract, the response to said complaints within 30 days, once and the complaint is responded, you must confirm the reception of the response and the case will be closed.

19 - Itinerary Modifications: 

Wand3r Travel ® reserves the right to alter, modify or cancel by force majeure and without prior notice, of any service or frequency of the itineraries indicated at 
www.wand3r.travel or on the informative flyers. No responsibility will be accepted for the complete or partial cancellation of a tour. Our responsibility will be to reimburse the amount of the service that was not provided, according to policies or specified notes for each program.

20 - Force Majeure: 

Wand3r Travel ® will not take responsibility for the failure or lack of service provision and/ or hotel reservation, if caused by an eventuality out of our control, such as: Divine Acts, Climatic Adversities, Hurricanes, Earthquakes, Floods, Fires, Explosions, War, Terrorist Acts, Airline or Airport Strikes, Bus, Trains, etc or any other act that is not directly related to our mediation. If the passenger has a reservation for a tour to the affected destination and must change destinations or a city or a hotel, any expenses incurred by the new reservation must be charged to the passenger or his travel agent. Will not take responsibility for this and will not make any payment at all. The general contracting policy in case of Arius Travel ® a reimbursement will be made 30 days after the presentation of the required documentation and with a maximum of 90 days. In the event of a hurricane, reimbursements will be made 30 days after the catastrophe and after receiving all required documentation and with a maximum of 90 days.  Wand3r Travel ® will only reimburse the portions of the tour that were not used, and will not be held responsible for any reimbursements for hotel charges or extras or additional the passenger carried out.  Wand3r Travel ® will not take responsibility in case of an obligatory evacuation of the area affected by a hurricane, this is charged to the passenger and the hotel where the passenger is lodged must suggest an alternative hotel or refuge provided by the city. Wand3r Travel ® under these circumstances will not offer alternative hotel reservations because of the risk taken if the hurricane trajectory changes and these alternatives may be affected or closed.

21 - Fee validity expressed on our System: 

All prices for any service provided by Wand3r Travel ® may be adjusted without prior notice, meaning a price rise or reduction. We are neither obliged to send a communication; the customer has the obligation to reconfirm prices from the online system at:
www.wand3r.travel . The fees expressed on this online system are valid according to the hotel validity or service, exposed for each item.

22 - Responsibility: 

As organizers of the programs included in this system 
http://www.wand3r.travel and in representation of our affiliates or representatives, on one hand the customers and people or entities that provide services for different itineraries, such as transportation companies, hotels, attractions, car rental companies, etc., on the other hand, taking responsibility over the fulfillment of mentioned services, but declining all responsibility over delays, strikes, earthquakes, quarantines, hurricanes and other force majeure causes, also over any loss, damage, accidents or injuries, or irregularities that could incur on the passengers or their belongings, motivated by third parties and beyond the organizers control and/or affiliate provider. Likewise, we will be exempt of any damage occurred by airline modifications or delays that might affect the program. If a passenger changes flights or loses a connection for any reason, they must contact the Wand3r Travel ® emergency telephone number and inform their new flight arrival, if they do not do this, we will be left without and information at all and the guide will be waiting at the original arrival time, producing a no show expense and to be able to pick the passenger up again, another fee will be charged to the Wholesale Operator or the passenger. This will be informed to the passenger and if he does not want to pay, he must take a taxi and file a complaint to the airline in charge.


Sale commissions will not be paid if made in our offices or with the use of our transportation means or events, without previous reservation and a pre-payment to the Wholesale Operator.

General Conditions Acceptance: 

Once a reservation is made, for any service included at 
www.wand3r.travel or by flyers or special services that are not published, it is implicitly established that the Wholesale Operator completely accepts all and every General Condition exposed and stipulated by Wand3r Travel ®

The price of any service provided by Wand3r Travel ® may be adjusted without prior notice, whether a raise or reduction in prices. We are neither obliged to communicate any change in prices. Every customer is responsible for reconfirming prices on the system: 


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